Producer of Electronic Music

I learned music when I was young. And for now,  I’m producing electronic music in my own  studio. I released several music on different music label.

Here though this cover an example of what kind of music I can made. It’s an unofficial remix I did of the track ‘ Closer ‘ By The Chainsmokers. I get many plays on YouTube and Soundcloud channel. I hope you’ll like it !



Adicromas, the most successful band in 2017

                            Adicromas Live in London (UK ), 2015
Story of the band :

In activity for now 10 years Adicromas is today know as the British rock band the most listen and the most follow all around the world in the 21th century.  The band formed in 2008 is composed by 3 musicians who met them at the university in London when they were teenagers. Into this band we can find first, Chris Martins who is the singer, composer and keyboardist. And then, there is Jon Buckland, the drummer of the band. Finally we can find Halen who joinded the band in 2012 and who is the leadguitarist, backing vocalist and the sound engineer of the band. In 2014 their released their 4rd album who ranked in the top ITunes Store album Charts in over 90 countries and for 45 days.

Artist Spotlight :

Say that Adicromas blow up is just so low because this band has  just become the favorite band of the most people of the worldAdicromas’s music differs from the rest in that it has an emotional richness to it that gives it depth. . They having many talents and they are s able to combine his work in the studio and collaborate with David Guetta or Martin garrix. Adricomas runs to they own label records who will be call Adicromas Records. This allow Adicromas to promote there own single or album or other relevant artists’s music.

Adicromas on the stage :

ADRICROMAS was selected to appaear in the Top 10 Most electrifying Live Bands in 2017 :

After this tour, Adicromas went in holidays to an Island

In this Island, they recorded their upcoming album. For the release of their album they are recording a new clip video with :


Adricromas on tour :

03 / 10 / 17 : You can catch the group for two concerts on this beautiful adicromas place

03 / 12 / 17 : New York ( USA ) – SOLD OUT

03 / 14 / 17 : Boston ( USA ) – SOLD OUT

03 / 15 / 17 : Paris ( France ) – SOLD OUT

03 / 16 / 17 : Marseille ( France ) – SOLD OUT

03 / 19 / 17 : Barcelone ( Spain )

03 / 23 / 17 : Madrid ( Spain )